Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum

Infants (Ages 6 weeks- 18 months)
In this classroom we have a schedule that is a guideline for our day. However, infants have their own schedule of needs. We make sure to meet all of the infants needs in a timely manner.
At a young age a child’s mind is always growing. This is why we have activities for the children to do in the classroom when all basic needs have been fulfilled. These activities include singing nursery rhymes, reading books, playing music, acting like animals and making animal sounds, as well as working on fine and large motor skills. We strive to set an enriching environment for your child’s first classroom experience.

Toddlers (Ages 18 months-3 years old)
In this classroom the children are starting to branch out on their own. They are learning new vocabulary and self help skills on a daily basis. At this age we start the potty training process. We have daily sensory activities for large and fine motor skill growth. We do this through music and dancing, building with blocks, setting up pretend play experiences and hands-on learning In this classroom the children are starting to learn a routine and what comes next.
Learning starts at a young age and we strive to make your child’s first set of social experiences one that will help them grow as young explorers. We start the introduction on colors, shapes, singing the Alphabet, and counting.

Preschool 1 (Ages 3 and young 4 years old) (September- May)
Must be Potty trained
Young children are always exploring their environment and asking the time old question Why? We strive to discover with your child their interest as they are exploring the love of learning. The children are learning based on the children’s interests while incorporating colors, letters, shapes, and numbers. We work on how to share and be an active part of the group. We encourage social skills that prepare them to be more independent and ready for Kindergarten.

Preschool 2 (Ages 4 and 5 years old) (September- May)
Must be Potty trained
The children are learning based on the children’s interests while incorporating a monthly study that includes two colors, 3-5 letters, a shape, and 3-5 numbers. We also work on self help skills that will prepare the child to be more independent as they are preparing to move on to all day kindergarten. These skills can be fine and gross motor development, cognitive, social and emotional skills, or a skill that is needed for success.  The children meet at least three days a week for three and half hours for Preschool specific curriculum. In this classroom the children have a more structured routine. The teacher uses the Creative Curriculum for preschool.

School age (Kindergarten-Age 12)
Summer care and Holiday care
In this program we provide a place for your child to engage in social skills with their friends while encouraging the children to read and write daily. During the summer we make visits to the local library and participate in the Dayton Metro Library Children’s Summer Reading Club. We take trips to the local Golden Gate Park to have a different play experience on The Castle Playground, group games of kickball, wiffle ball, soccer, and other team building experiences. Every day the children participate in daily exercises in our Summer Running Club. The children track their distance and are acknowledged for their accomplishments. The children’s favorite ways to cool off in the hot summer months is through our Friday water games and popsicles. The teachers provide daily inside activities to engage the children

In this program the children meet before and after school. In the Mornings the children have a choice of free expression activities and eat breakfast before leaving for school. After school the children have a window of time where they can start their homework and enjoy a snack. The teacher provides an activity each day, also, depending on the weather the children have time to participate in outdoor activities.